Nairn Kite Displays

We are scheduled to do a kite display on the Links in Nairn most Wednesday during the Summer. Nairn is a lovely holiday resort, on the coast, East of Inverness


Address: The Links, Nairn

Post Code for SatNav: IV12 4NQ

Google Map

There is free parking in Cumming Street although it may fill up quickly in the height of summer.


Kite flying is not really compatible with strict timetables and schedules but the plan is:

  • Wednesday 13 July
  • Wednesday 27 July
  • Wednesday 24 August
We travel from the far side of Glasgow to be at Nairn, so even if we leave at 6am, we won't arrive until after 10am. We fly all day, packing up when folk go home for dinner or when the wind stops. Nairn tends to be fairly windy but even here, it can often be light in the morning and better after lunch.

Kite Activities

The humongous kites are flown on the Links, with the exact position being dependant upon the wind direction. The display is different every week.

If the wind is strong, we fly Serpent Deltas from the benches on the prom.

When conditions suit, we can fly AirBanners at Nairn. Your message in the sky for at least an hour for £4 per character.

Do you have a brave Teddy Bear? Sometimes we do Teddy Bear Parachuting - bring your own bear!

Find out how easy it is to fly our Rainbow Deltas. Just ask for a trial. You can buy them in Nairn for £10 each.