I have huge enthusiasm for photography an embrace many different subjects styles. Always keen to experiment, to try new techniques and approaches, my photographs encompass many different subjects:


Taking pictures of people is a joy. If I don't produce the best picture they have ever seen of themselves, I havn't done my job right.


Family members together often make photos that people will cherish.


People that are friends together usually photograph well together.


Sport is a great challenge for a photographer. The opportunity to capture strength, speed, excitement, atmosphere.


In motorsport I like to capture the energy and forces involved. Sometimes with a panned shot (speed blur) but more often, freezing the action with the suspension loaded, dirt in the air and a wheel off the ground.


People love their horses. I love to capture the spirit they enjoy.

Zoo Animals

Zoos give a great opportunity to get up close and personal with exotic animals. My big fat lenses make the fences disappear.

Wild Animals

Wild animals are harder to find but more satisfying to shoot.


Birds are always' a photographer's favourite.

Birds in flight

But the real art is to take pictures of birds in flight.


Brave little puffins are a firm favourite.


Sometimes the strangest things catch my eye.


I travel the world flying kites and of course, I take pictures of them.


We live in a beautiful world.


I'd like to learn to fly and to buy a Pitts Special. For now, I just take photographs of aircraft.


Pets don't always take direction well, so it is satisfying when you do manage to get a good picture.


Inanimate objects of interest.


I am not currently taking bookings for weddings. It's not that I can't take the pictures - it is more that I need more practice to be confident that I can deliver the goods when that most important and unrepeatable day it is raining and dull. However, I was persuaded to do Karen and Greg's wedding and they are please with the result.