God speaks to Kiteflier

I've been going rather hard on the buggy of late, (blowing tubes like there is no tomorrow). I had a one-hour chance to do some more, last night (the gap between finishing dinner and it getting dark), so I headed off to the field. It started to rain, but I thought to myself "I didn't mind getting wet in the sea (and rain isn't half as wet as submersion), the rain keeps the field clear of Joe Public and it's windy". I dragged the buggy up the hill, to some clean wind, laid out the lines and sorted out the peel. I was just about to attach the lines, when there was a flash of light and God spoke directly to me. The individual words were not distinguishable in the loud rumbling voice but the message was crystal clear: "No kiteflying!"

Andrew Beattie 21st July 1993