Tour of Europe 2008

Pumpkin Cow. A4, East of Reading.

We were invited to the Frejus kite festival. Andrew drove down in the van on Thusday/Friday, to meet Kathleen at Nice airport. This is a view of Nice as dusk. Check out the large private yachts in the harbour.

A good display at Frejus. The wind was very predictable. It would start off strong in the morning. It would die completely at noon, then it would resume at full strength at around 1pm in exactly the opposite direction.

After the heat of the mediterranean coast, we went to Switzerland, where the snow fell heavily.

This bridge, built in the 1920's was years ahead if it's time

Some of the best accommodation is also the cheapest. Our hotel and the view from the windows in the morning, on the road up to Kloisters.

We had to turn back from going up the St Bernhard pass because we didn't have enough grip to get up the hill in the snow. On the Furkastrasse, we bought some snow chains and turned round before we got stuck. We were turned back from the main route to St Moritz due to fallen trees. We made it through Fluelapass but the snow was drifting deep..

Is this construction scene real, or a model? Please study the picture carefully.

Colours in the forrest.

Leaving Switzerland and into Austria.

Natural Bonsai trees, growth stunted by very thin soil on a rock outcrop.

We did some mountain climbing the easy way at Zugspitze, on the Austrian/German border

Our lovely B&B in Lermoos in the valley below.

The valleys in Austria are littered with wooden sheds.

On the road back home, we took in Brussels and Brugge.