In 2008, we have made good use of our membership of the Hawk Conservancy in Andover. For 2009, we have decided to join Marwell.

The tigers are magnificent.

In the photo competition that I am participating in, the theme for this month (the last month in the year) is "simply the best". They simply want your best picture - there is no specific theme. Whilst many people have appreciated this, I have been finding it rather tricky. First, I figured that "Simply the Best" might refer to my camera/lens combo, so I submitted a picture of that:

That was a bit desperate, so I replaced it with an image from Leadhills, on the way down from Scotland:

This still seemed to lack something, so I tried a shot of Pete Dobbing bearing all, with a knife pointing between his eyes in Covent Garden:

But it still didn't feel like a competition picture. In Marwell, I think we hit the jackpot. A classic portrait of a tiger. It isn't very original but the "No theme" rule means that I get 10 out of 10 for Theme and Originality :-)