Truck racing at Brands Hatch

First, a pony in the New Forrest.

Now on to the racing. First, they had Legends. Little 5/8 scale versions of American 1930's cars, with motorbike engines. A fun form of motorsport.

On with the trucks. 5 tons each and 1000 bhp, they thundered round the track. They had a system to pour water on the brakes to stop them from overheating, so they billowed black diesel smoke, white steam and burning rubber.

Saloon cars. Our vantage point here was the inside of Surtees, a fast corner at the end of the Cooper straight. The small cars went through on three wheels:

This Megane would lift the rear wheel, stop it and go through the corner without it turning.

Racing Pickups. Here, Kathleen snaps red 93 coming up the inside on Hailwood Hill and I catch him at the top, taking the lead on the grass round Druids. Some times the racing was very tight. In Touch indeed.

Pictures of each other

The Force India luxury motor home was there.