Wet Wales

We have been working too long and too hard recently, so we booked a weekend away. We picked Wrexham, North Wales.

Chester Zoo was the our main target. First the Lions. We're particularly pleased with the first two shots. We couldn't have managed better lighting if the Lion was posing in a studio. We're also happy to be getting shots that we are pleased with from the 800mm monster lens.

We were planning to enter one of the following shots in a competition with the theme "Self Study"...

Other things seen round the zoo:

In the evening, we visited Iron Bridge

The morning brought a bright rainbow. There are so many different ways to shoot a rainbow...

We stumbled across the Ffestiniog railway and chased the train for a bit.

In Snowdonia we found a white water centre where they were oblivious to the rain. We spent a while shooting them as they shot the rapids.

Andrew spotted this critter scurrying along the river bank but never got a decent lens on him. A stoat, we think.

Welsh landscape

Harlech castle

English moon...