New Forest

A few days ago, Mark Bauer presented at Maidenhead Camera Club and he inspired us to not be so lazy and get out to shoot more photos at dawn. As a result, got out of a warm comfortable bed around 4am and headed down to the New Forest.

Moonlight sky before dawn:

During the week, someone at work mentioned seeing a photographer stopped at the side of the road, taking a picture of a red and white mushroom. I mentioned this to Kathleen and 10 minutes later we were taking these pictures:

Next stop was Barton on Sea, from which we could see the Needles. Andrew stayed at the top of the cliff whilst Kathleen want down to snap the surfers:

From there, we could see kitesurfers down at Milford on Sea. This time, Andrew went down to the beach. Shooting people dressed in black with the sun behind them is not the easiest of subjects:

Kathleen stayed at the top of the cliff, also shooting the kitesurfing but concentrating on the gulls.

Finaly, Andrew found a Turnstone, busy turning stones to find tasty morcels at the high tide mark.