Cheltenham Big Weekend 2012

We were invited to put on a display for the Cheltenham Big Weekend, an event held in the grounds of Cheltenham race course. There was a funfair and circus, steam trains were running and there was a car boot sale on the Sunday. They put hundreds of posters all round town, featuring our kites:

Saturday morning was tough work. We had obtained permission from the CAA to fly up to 1500', with the intention of flying a manta ray on the full length of our 300m line, with room for a pilot above. However, it was not a straightforward flight - the wind was coming in over the Cotswolds which was generating huge rolling turbulence. We had strong gusts and large windshifts on a regular basis, the Manta just wouldn't sit firm in the sky. We wrestle with the Manta every weekend but this time it fought back in anger and has left us with huge bruises from the battle.

We enjoy flying with our friends on the kite field but it is great whenever we get a chance to put on our own display, without having to fight for space. We managed 13 big pieces:

  • Rainbow Manta Ray
  • Blue Manta Ray
  • Big Tiger and 3 cubs
  • Blue (Peter) Bear
  • Orange (Andrew) Bear
  • Pink Cat
  • Dog
  • Fish
  • Dragon
  • Space Surfer

Night Fly

When dusk fell, we rigged the lights in the space racer, which flew for the firework display.

Thomas the Tank Engine

Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends were running past at the bottom of the field. They were cool when we managed to drop the Manta across the line.

Kite Flyers and Showmen

Other Shenanagans

We found a police helicopter circling Wokingham. He might have been looking at us but we were also looking at him...