We haven't posted anything to the blog for a while because we have been busy moving to a new home in Scotland!

Location, Location, Location

So where are we? Well, we are in Scotland, West of Glasgow:

We are in a village called Skelmorlie. 400m up the hill, looking down on the River Clyde, which is 5 miles wide and has around a 3m tide at this point. A hundred meters or so behind us is the Clyde Muirshel Regional Park, over 100 square miles of wilderness with only a single-track road across it.

The House

The house is wonderful. At last, we have enough room for all the toys and can find things when we need them! Andrew works mostly from home, and has set up office at the front of the house, with the window overlooking the Clyde, where he watches the ever-changing weather and the ferries running to and from Rothsay on the Isle of Bute:

We have enough room to be able to set up a photography studio, complete with infinity background in white, black velvet or chroma-key green:

The Clyde

Down at the shore, we have seals that like to rest on the flat rocks that conveniently stand in the water. The heron is often to be seen and we get Eider ducks, with wonderful plumage and a call that mimics Frankie Howard.

We enjoy the Clyde, the views across the water to islands and mountains and watching the ferries busily steaming back and forth. We get battleships and submarines passing by as well as huge cargo and container ships heading for the docks upstream.

Clyde Muirshel Regional Park

And out the back, we have the moorland to explore:

We are immensely happy here. Next on the plan is to kit out the bedrooms so that we can invite visitors.