The Al-Farsi Team

The team, doing what they do...

Our Leader, Abdulrahman Al-Farsi

Craig and Debbie

Craig and Debbie Hansen joined us from New Zealand. Their children Kirk and Kirsten have left home now, so it was their first Christmas on their own for many years.

Andrew and Kathleen

The Rest of the Team

Working hard...

Dinner with Adnan

One evening, Adnan invited us to his home for a barbeque. As is the practice in large Kuwait homes, the architecture is designed for a combination of open, welcoming hospitality and complete privacy. The entrance opened into the garden, with extensive grass (that's a big deal in a place this hot and dry) and we were welcomed into the "duwanie", which is a room specifically designed for entertaining - exceedingly large and spacious.

In addition to the BBQ, a chef arrived to prepare a local desert speciality. A form of cheesecake with a crispy topping of sugar strands. I have had this before in resturaunts and been unimpressed but freshly prepared in an enormous pan as we watched, it was wonderful.