Downhill Demense

We went over on the ferry to Northern Ireland to a kite festival on the Northern coast, set it the magnificent Downhill Demense.

Saturday was a "practice day". Very windy but bright. We flew only midi kites.

Happiness is having your own tractor:

Main Event

On Saturday, the wind was more reasonable and we were able to put the big stuff up for the crowds:

Team Fusion

Team Fusion put on a great display. When we had bright sunshine against a deep grey cloud, I called a photo shoot but Vince couldn't manage to keep up:

Wild Geese

The wind died after lunch but that worked out just fine because the kites had to come down for a parachute display by the Wild Geese:

Carneety Bed and Breakfast

Instead of the hostel where we had stayed before, we went to the Carneety Bed and Breakfast. An absolutely delightful place, decorated just the way my grandmother would have liked. Some pictures from the house and farm:

Other shenanagans

Some other things that caught my eye in the area: