Professional Kite Displays

Professional kite displays are designed to bring value to tourist locations by providing a spectacular attraction to drive visitors to your venue.

Regular Summer Displays

Click on a link for information about our regular displays in:

We specialise in displaying large, inflateable kites.

Our kites are huge.

They make a massive impact in even the largest of venues.

Bear, Octopus, Crocodile, Manta Ray, Puppy Dog.

Silly Funny Thing, Trillobyte, Pussy Cat.

Lobster, Squid,Tiger

We fly in “stacks”, so that we make the maximum impact in the space available

Kites at night, under floodlights make a magical scene.

We can put your message in the sky in giant letters.

Optional Extras

Some of the extras that we can arrange:

The Dragon is simply magnificent.

Bob the Builder and Crazy frog are extra large kites that require their own anchor.

Note that true to character, Crazy frog has exposed genitals, which may not be suitable for every venue.

SOLO is a 250’ long Octopus

This kite is around 500 square meters and designed to lift heavy objects, such as cars..

The Stars and Stripes is 1000 square meters

The “Decorators” are the world’s premier 4-line kite display team

And then we have the world’s largest kite, “Little Pearl” at 1200 square meters.

For more information contact: Andrew Beattie 0777 166 1653