Bridle Tool

The bridle tool is essential equipment for soft kite makers and repairers. It is the tool of choice for making a small hole in the fabric and passing a bridle line through the hole. Lets say that we are on the outside of the kite and we want to pass a line through the skin to the inside. We start with the tool on the inside of the kite and we poke the sharp end through the skin. As the sharp point pierces the skin, it takes with it, part of the loop of line that passes through the point. We then pass the bridle line through that loop. Next, we pull the bridle tool straight back inside the kite again. As the tool retreats back from whence it came, it pulls the loop with it and the pulls the bridle line through the same hole.

Building on experience, we have constructed the best tool that we can. Rather than weld a handle onto a needle, we use a pin vice which allows the needle to be replaced if necesasary. The vice has a T handle which is essential for applying controlled pressure to the too to pul the line back through. Rather than use a regular sewing machine needle, or even a needle from an industrial sewing machine, we have sourced a really big needle from a bag closing machine. This helps to open up the hole for the line, makes the tool stronger and enables us to use a fairly beefy polyester line for the loop.

Bridle tool

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