We stock two types of carabiner.

The midi carabiner is a light weight, wire-gate carabiner, suitable for midi kites and pilots. Whilst it has a small hook to retain the wire, it is not a sharp hook that is inclined to snag on lines. This carabiner is now standard issue for the pilot connection point on midi and maxi kites.

The locking maxi carabiner is a heavy duty carabiner with a quick-acting locking mechanism on the gate. To unlock the gate, simply turn the grip by 90 degrees. When you let go of the carabiner, it automatically closes and locks. Unlocking action is smooth and easy and can be done easily when holding the carabiner in one hand. Note however, that if you fill the mechanism with sand, it wont work so smoothly, so keep it clean on the beach.

Note that our carabiners are intended for kite flying, not climbing or any safety-critical application.

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