An accessory for builders.

If you want to builds a sturdy kite bag, for transport of maxi kites or wolrd record breaking mega kites, then you may be looking for a sturdy zip.

This is the strongest, most durable, most hardwearing zip that market leadrs YKK manufacture. it is designed specificallty for use on luggage. It has a low profile and each idividual tooth is secured in place with many more stitches than usual resulting in a zip that is 15x more resistant to abraision damage than a regular zip.

This zip is not stocked in regular stores. We have had 200m custom manufactured for us by YKK in Japan.

The zip is white and there are no "ends" - the tape will be cut to order to your desired length and you must sew the ends into your bag. Don't forget to order the number of sliders that you need for your project.

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