We stock a number of bags designed specifically for the needs of the kite flier.

Full size compression bag
This bag is 1.5m tall. It has 4 straps round the outside with clam buckles
Classic bag
The return of the original Peter Lynn compression bag, also 1.5m long. This uses three Dyneema lines through rings rather than 4 straps and buckles. This saves weight (around 200g per bag) and gives better mechanical advantage when crushing down fully packed bags. It has no additional pockets as those increase the length when crushed and add weight.
3/4 compression bag
Similar to the full size bag but shorter, designed for a single maxi kite. It has a zipped pocket at one end for line and/or pilot
Midi crush bag
A lightweight bag with plastic clip buckles. The right size of a single midi kite.
Mini crush bag
Similar to the midi crush bag but smaller. Suitable for a mini kite or and 8m pilot.
Line bag
A simple, lightweight bag with a drawstring closure.
For air travel, you may want a compression bag. Capable of containing two maxi kites (or three if you are really determined), the strapping system to allow you to crush it down to a size where the airline won't complain too much. Used compression bags (that don't attract the attention of customs) are more valuable than new ones.

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