The bear is a firm favourite of Children. There is no bridle to the arms or legs and the shape offers nothing for children to grab hold of, so it is also a firm favourite to fly with children. A Common option is to have the bear appear to wear a white T-shirt, then a T-shirt logo can be attached and easily changed. They come with a honey-pot drogue for solo flying but we tend not to use these in a stack (if the bear rolls round the line, the drogue never does). They are fitted with zips in both heels for easy deflation or access for repairs yet almost well hidden in flight.

Use the paint tool to choose the colour of your Bear with a bowtie or alternatively, a Bear with a T-shirt or Bear with braces

Designed by Peter Lynn with Mark Abernethy

Kite Size Price
Mini Bear 3m Javascript Required
Midi Bear 6m Javascript Required
Maxi Bear 12m Javascript Required

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