Substantial kites require substantial lines. Like all respectable large kite fliers, we use Dyneema/Spectra, which is many times stronger than steel yet smooth like silk and it floats. We now have lines manufactured to our own specification:

White line only. Our line is not coloured, so the colour cannot come off on your hands, your clothes or the kite.

16 way braid (as opposed to the 8-way braid on cheaper line), for a smoother, tighter line, less likely to snag on things.

Both ends spliced into generous sized loops.

Sleeves on the loops to protect the line. Sleeve is only half the size of the loop so that you can slide it out the way and examine the braid underneath for damage.

Sleeves are colour coded for ease of identification.

Additional sleeve cen be positioned anywhere on the length of the line.

Generous 100m length. 50m pilot lines also available.

Line Diameter Notes Price
100m UL Pilot Line 1.0mm White sleeve Javascript Required
50m Pilot Line 2.5mm Blue sleeve Javascript Required
100m Pilot Line 2.5mm Red sleeve Javascript Required
100m Midi Line 3.5mm Gold sleeve Javascript Required
100m Maxi Line 5mm Green sleeve Javascript Required
100m OL Line 7mm Black sleeve Javascript Required

Please note that diameters are of new, unused line. With use, the air gets squeezed out of the braid and the diameter decreases.

For a long time, I have avoided specifying the breaking strength of the lines because it is largely irrelevant - in practice, lines are weakened due to inappropriate knots and damage but i am asked so often that i have relented and here I publish the theoretical breaking strength as estimated by the manufacturer.

Generous 100m length. 50m pilot lines also available.

Line Diameter Estimated breaking load/Newtons
UL Pilot Line 1.0mm 1,500
Pilot Line 2.5mm 4,500
Midi Line 3.5mm 12,000
Maxi Line 5mm 20,000
OL Line 7mm 46,000

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