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Ultralight Manta Ray
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The Manta Ray usually takes pride of place in our displays at the top of the stack. It is a powerful and efficient kite, producing ferocious lift in strong wind. The Maxi version of this kite is not for the faint of heart - don't put it up unless you know how you are going to get it back down! There are several variations available.

Patchwork Manta Ray
This is the original Manta Ray, with a patchwork of hundreds of coloured pieces, in a rainbow pattern,
Single Colour Manta Ray
This is a similar design but with a single colour skin, which reduces the work and therefore the price. You can get interesting colour effects by choosing a different colour for the top and the bottom. The Al-Farsi team in Kuwait have one with yellow above and blue below for a wonderful green result.
Andreas Fischbacher Manta Ray
The Andreas Fischbacher ray is a variation on the theme, complete with cephalic fins. This ray has a highly technical sculpted skin and spectacular graphic options. This is by far the most complex kite that we produce and this is reflected in the price. Note that this kite is available in two different grades of fabric: Regular 40 Denier and also light weight 30 Denier nylon. The 30D Nylon requires more manufacturing time, which is again reflected in the price. The 30D is stocked in a subset of the regular colours, excluding Brown, Beige, Navy Blue and bright green. The 30D grey is a darker shade than the 40D.
Tattoo 9Kg Manta Ray
Designed especially for flyers fighting with airline baggage limits, the 9Kg ray is just a bit smaller than the Maxi, with similar visual impact. It has a Maori inspired tattoo design
Note that the Micro and Mini rays are designed to always be flown under a pilot. The Midi ray is quite capable if flying unaded in smooth winds. A pilot is recommended for flying the 9Kg and Maxi rays.

Use these tools to choose the colours for your ray:

Micro Ray Paintbox
Single Colour Ray Paintbox
Patchwork Ray Spreadsheet (Midi and Maxi)
Ray (Andreas)

Designed and manufactured by Peter Lynn

Kite Size Price
Micro Single Colour Manta Ray 2.2m long Javascript Required

Mini Patchwork Manta Ray 7.5m x 2.5m Javascript Required

Midi Single Colour Manta Ray 15m x 5m Javascript Required
Midi Patchwork Manta Ray 15m x 5m Javascript Required
Midi Stinga Manta Ray 15m x 5m Javascript Required
Midi Tattoo Manta Ray 15m x 5m Javascript Required
Midi Andreas Ray 30D Javascript Required
Midi Andreas Ray 40D Javascript Required

9Kg Single Colour Manta Ray 25.5m long Javascript Required
9Kg Tattoo Manta Ray 15m x 5m Javascript Required

Maxi Single Colour Manta Ray 30m x 10m Javascript Required
Maxi Patchwork Manta Ray 30m x 10m Javascript Required
Maxi Andreas Manta Ray 30D Javascript Required
Maxi Andreas Manta Ray 40D Javascript Required

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