Micro kit

Do you dream of a stack of display kites and are unable to find the finances? Try the Micro Kite Kit. A great thing to take on a trip. Pick a three different micro kites and a 2m pilot and I'll make it into a bundle with flying line, carabiners and a special micro kit bag that holds everything and doubles as a sand anchor.

Designed by Simon Chisnall for Peter Lynn

Kite Size Price
Micro Ray 2.2m long x 1.2m wide Javascript Required
Micro Fish 1.9m long x 1.3m wide Javascript Required
Micro crab 1.1m long x 1m wide Javascript Required
Micro whale 2.8m long Javascript Required
Micro Fauchi 2m tall Javascript Required
Mini Penguin 1.5m tall Javascript Required
2m pilot 2 square meters Javascript Required

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The items above are not toys, they are not intended for use in play by children under 14 years of age.

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