We supply four different designs of kite tail:

The 15m white tail is simply designed to move the centre of weigh and drag towards the rear of the kite to increase stability. The white fabric is unobtrusive and has a low cost.

The 15m rainbow tail is similar in construction to the white tail but is simply more colourful. The rainbow fabric is not so cheap and this is reflected in the price.

And then we have two different red and white striped tails. These are designed to meet specifications as laid down by the CAA as conspicuous markers for high altitude kite lines. There are two alternitive specifications, so we have two alternative tails:

The small tail, which should be used at intervals of not more than 100m

The large tail which should be used at intervals of not more than 200m

Built with soft kite fliers in mind, the leading edge is stiffened with webbing, so that the tail can be compression packed - unlike rings of fibreglass, carbon or wire, the stiffening will not be permenantly deformed or broken by hard compression. A swivel is provided to relieve any twisting. There is a drawstring in the trailing edge so that the level of inclation can be set by the flier.

Tail Length Diameter Price
Rainbow Tail 15m 16cm Javascript Required
White Tail 15m 16cm Javascript Required
Large CAA Tail 2m 40cm Javascript Required
Small CAA Tail 80cm 30cm Javascript Required

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