Our tails are designed for two different purposes. The first is practical. In strong and/or turbulent wind, a tail can assist a pilot to fly more stabily by reducing the angle of attack and providing drag and weight to the trailing edge, increasing the forces that points the kite in an upward direction. The tails are 15m long and approximately 16cm in diameter, which is the right sort of size for this purpose.

Built with soft kite fliers in mind, the leading edge is stiffened with webbing, so that the tail can be compression packed - unlike rings of fibreglass, carbon or wire, the stiffening will not be permenantly deformed or broken by hard compression. A swivel is provided to relieve any twisting.

The tails come in two designs. Plain white and rainbow. Because the rainbow pattern runs down the length of the fabric on the roll, this means that the rainbow tail must be built from 10 sections (for the white tail, you can slit the fabric down the length). The increased work and a difference in fabric cost is reflected in the price.

Tail Size Price
Rainbow Tail 15m x 16cm Javascript Required
White Tail 15m x 16cm Javascript Required

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