Trilobite videos

Peter Lynn maintains that since colour is not preserved in the fossil record, no-one can prove that his rainbow colour scheme on his flying interpretation of the ancient seabed dwelling trilobite is in any way inaccurate. Do you know better? Order your own unique custom colours. And easy flying, rapidly inflating, well behaved kite.

Use our paintbox to decide the colours for your trilobite.

Designed and manufactured by Peter Lynn

Kite Size Price
Midi Trilobite 11m Javascript Required
Maxi Trilobite 21m Javascript Required
Over Large Trilobite 29m Javascript Required

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Talk to us about custom, ready to fly bundles (typically including kite, main line, pilot kite, pilot line and compression bag to suit your needs). All prices subject to confirmation. Prices in GBP (£), Euro (€), PLN or SEK are VAT paid. Shipping added at cost. Non European prices only available outside the European Union. Additional taxes and fees may be payable in some territories. Errors and omissions excepted. The items above are not toys, they are not intended for use in play by children under 14 years of age.