Banner Fabric

Kite fliers round the world recognise that when they want to make a kite banner, the best fabric for the job is Bainbridge 200 Denier Banner Nylon. Unfortunately, it is not usualy distributed outside of the USA, so it can be difficult to get hold of.

But we have worked round this. We now have a stock of Bainbridge Banner Nylon right here in Scotland, ready for shipping to Europe.

We have processed the fabric to optimise it for kite banner work:

  • The ragged edge has been professionaly removed.
  • The rolls have been slit into 75cm widths.
  • The minimum order quantity is a 10cm length.
So, for example, if you want to build a 4.4m yellow banner, you only need to order 4.4m of 75cm wide fabric rather than 5m of 150cm wide fabric.

75cm wide Banner Fabric

Banner fabric is hot trimmed to 75cm wide. Minimum order quantity is 10cm. Prices per linear meter @75cm wide.

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Edging and pole sleeves

Banner sleeve is the same fabric, hot slit into 14cm widths. Minimum order quantity is 10cm. Prices per linear meter @14cm wide.

Bainbridge Edge binding is 19mm wide. Minimum order quantity is 10cm. Prices per linear meter @19mm wide.

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The items above are not toys, they are not intended for use in play by children under 14 years of age.

Please consult the TUG.COM Subsidised Shipping Policy

Full Bainbridge Range

At present, we only have stock of the colours above. However, as we grow we may add more. For reference, here is the entire Bainbridge Banner Nylon range: