Foamies are great kits for making lightweight, low cost model aircraft. We like the Tiny Trainer from Flight Test in the USA but whilst the kit is cheap, it is hedeously expensive to get it shipped over to the UK. So we use their freely available plans to lasercut the parts over here. The kit is available for only £25 including delivery to the UK. The kit can be assembled as a chuck glider (No RC) or as a powered aircraft with 3 or 4 channel control. Two wings are included, one for low speed and gliding without aerelons. The second wing has higher performance and arelons for 4-channel control Two noses are included, one for gliding, one for powered flight. The kit contains:

  • All foam parts for airframe and power pod, laser cut and scored
  • Firewall, laser cut from plywood
  • 4 x Control horns, laser cut from plywood
  • 2 x bamboo skewers for mounting the wings and power pod
  • 1 x Frappe Straw for guiding the push rods
  • 4 x Push rods, with Z-bends already formed at the control end
  • 1 x Self adhesive velcro pair for mounting and adjusting the battery position.
  • 1 x foam removal tool
Also required to complete the kit (all the electronics can be skipped if building as a chuck glider)
  • A motor, such as EMaxx - MT1806
  • Electronic Speed Control (ESC) such as - BL Heli - 12 amp
  • RC Transmitter and reciever.
  • Servos, such as ES9051 5g Servo (2 or 4 depending upon build)
  • LiPo Battery. 500mA 2 cell or optional 3 cell.
  • A 30cm Y-Lead for connecting the aeleron servos in 4-channel configuration
  • 2 x 20cm Servo Extensions to connect the aerelon servos
  • 4 x Linkage Stoppers (if desired for easy trimming of control rods)
  • A 6 x 3 propeller. (they are likely to break if (when?) you crash, so buy spares)
  • A 1.5mm Allen Wrench for fitting the prop
  • 2 x elastic bands for fitting the wings
  • A Screwdriver
  • A hot glue gun with glue sticks
  • Sharp knife - Stanley knife or scalpel
  • Glasspaper and block
  • Modeling clay for ballast in the chuck glider
  • Packing Tape for joint strengthening and protection
  • Needle Nose pliers or z-bend crimp

Tiny Trainer

This is a simple foamie, suitable for beginners

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