Jon Caton puts together the Malmesbury kite festival on the shortest of shoestring budgets but the whole town get behind the event to turn it into a glorious weekend in the English countryside.

Our hosts, who provided by far the best accommodation anywhere on the British kite circuit:

We fly next to the local cricket club. The field was re-arranged this year to move the kites out of the batsman's eye-line because during the previous event, the kites distracted the local players whilst the visitors were undistrurbed, leading to the loss of an important match. I don't know whether the player being bowled here is a local boy or the opposition...

Perfect weather for kite flying. Green grass, blue sky, fluffy white cloud, gentle breezes.

Kathleen couldn't make it on the Saturday, so we recruited a couple of waifs and strays to pack away the kites:

Folk enjoying themselves

They have strange looking sheep in Malmesbury...

Mubarak, please note that Abu Faris was labouring in the heat of the sun:

We took the tiger for a walk round the field: