Berck sur Mer Kite Festival 2012

Many of the pictures in this blog entry are taken by members of the Al-Farsi team.

Gérard Clément

The team got Gérard an Arabian cloak.


Gérard wore the cloak for the parade round town:


Lots of great kites on the beach as usual:

Team Kites

And of course, the Kuwait team flew lots of kites:

Kuwait Team

And the team got up to lots of other fun and games too

Not Kites

Berck has a lot of interesting things that are not kites...

International Kite Rescue

AWITA had a pilot and one of their applique'd banners break free and land in the sea. I went after it and tried to rescue it but didn't dare to go too deep into the fierce, cold breakers and came back cold, wet and empty handed. Rather than sympathy and concern, Kathleen was falling over herself with laughter at the sight.


Everyone agreed that the poppies were the best new display on the beach.


We spent a lot of time flying with our friends from Switzerland and Singapore


Rather than stay constrained by the boundaries of the arenas, we sometimes took the giant kites for a walk down to the far end of the beach:


Other faces from the beach:

Scratch Bunnies

They held the World sport kite championship in the main arena and the UK team "Scratch Bunnies" came home trumps again.


At one point, a change in air temperature caused the entire beach to become enveloped in a shroud of mist.

Prize Giving Dinner

One evening we went back to the beach for the prize giving dinner.

Where the Scratch Bunnies were awarded the World Cup

And I tried taking pictures in the "available dark" provided by the changing colours of the disco lights.

Night Flight

Saturday Night brought the Night flight, where the Space Racer got it's first opportunity to properly demonstrate it's light show.