Invitation to Kuwait 2013

Update: This offer is now closed and decisions have been made. We will be in touch with everyone shortly!

The Al-Farsi Kite festival will be on 21 to 23 February 2013.

Anyone who has been before will tell you that they have the best hospitality of any kite event in the world. Five star hotels, all transport provided, high quality buffet in a marquee on the field, dinner in a resturant every night. Anchor vehicles provided, staff available to help with packing. Smart Al-Farsi clothes to wear.

This is the deal: Fliers buy their own ticket to arrive in Kuwait on Wednesday 20 February 2013 and to depart on Sunday 24 February. In return, the team will take care of every expense in Kuwait, from providing a personal customs and immigration service that will meet you as you walk off the plane, through to transport back to the airport when you leave.

As usual, more people want to come than we have places available, so this year, we are asking you to help with the selection process. If you would like to come, please create a ONE-page PDF that explains who you are, where you come from, what you fly and anything else that might help us to select you. Don't forget to include your email address. Send the pdf to me: with the subject “Kuwait 2013”. If you need technical help, please ask me. If you have already been to Kuwait, then your name and email will do but a picture of your face and/or your kites is helpful (if you don't know the name of everyone in the team, they probably don't all remember your name either...)

The team is making the decision (not me!)

They will sit round a table, with all the sheets of paper in front of them and discuss which people to invite. There are old friends that we want to ask again and there will be new people who we would like to bring for the first time. We will discuss which kites work well together, which people work well together, which languages work well together, to try to find the right mix for the most fun for everyone.

About Kuwait: The weather is usually warm and dry. But you will need a warm layer sometimes and something that will keep the wind out but you will be given clothes to wear anyway. February is party season in Kuwait. They celebrate their independence from the British, their liberation from Iraq and the anniversary of the crowning of the Emir all in the same month. Please do not bring alcohol or drugs to Kuwait. If someone is stopped at customs with these then it would cause considerable difficulty and embarrassment to your hosts and may have repercussions on future events

We look forward to welcoming fliers who havn't been before. Please spread the word.