Saturday was very windy and damp in places, but Sunday was a riot of colour

The hovercraft would regularly return, bathing us in a thick mist of sea spray:

The Flying Squad at full strength, putting on a 4-line display:

Marco and the Tao's were next to us with a fine range of cherubs:

The Al-Farsi team came all the way from Kuwait just for this event and had a great weekend:

We got a visit from the Mayor of Portsmouth, in his chains of office:

Not to be outdone, the Mayor of Suffolk put on his chains, to grant us an audience:

We took a baby tiger out, to interact with the public:

Clara and her short boyfriend, Moppet

Other folk having fun and enjoying the sunshine:

Cody spent the weekend being cute:

The Public Address was so painfully loud in our corner that people started plugging their ears. Amongst experienced flyers, there is a "3-strikes" rule for excessively loud PA. For a first offence, the speaker is turned away from the flying field. If that is insufficient or "corrected" by the crew, the offending speaker is unplugged. For a third offence, the cable is cut. At Portsmouth we only got to the second strike.