Odds and Ends

Our Friends from Kuwait came over to visit.

We took Abdulrahman to Glasgow, where we met Sarah, who is studying at Glasgow university.

And then out to see some of the sights of Scotland

He gave Kathleen a lovely new fridge as a present for the house.

Later, Mubarak and Khaled came over. We flew kites at Cheltenham. Mubarak said that he wanted to have dinner at KFC, and was delighted to find that the hotel was next door to one.

The boys made dinner for us:

Largs Promotion

The Largs Event team asked me to do some impromptu promotional flying for the upcoming family fun day. I got my picture in the paper for this and then again after the event itself.

I went out to explore the Kelly Burn - the little river that marks the boundary between Skelmorlie and Wemyss Bay. it is a lovely, peaceful place, deep in the woods:

This is my hot knife. Specialist tool for cutting kite fabric, I spent all morning looking for it. In my room. In the garage. Every drawer in the house. Every cupboard in the kitchen. Under the stairs. In the van. Couldn't find it anywhere, Eventually, Kathleen returned my call and told me where she had "safely put it away". In one of her handbags. That's just not fair. No man would ever dare search for a missing tool in his wife's handbag.

There has been some guerrilla knitting going on in Basingstoke.