Shaikhan Al-Farsi

We have lost a great man.

This is Shaikhan Al-Farsi, the father of Abdulrahman Al-Farsi. He used all his strength and power to be kind, gentle and generous. He loved his country Kuwait and lived through the discovery of oil, the independence from the British, the invasion from Iraq. He ran a business supplying pumping equipment to the oil companies which brought him substantial wealth but he was extrordinarily generous with it.

He re-built the mosque just North of the Old Souk in Kuwait city and a wedding hall that is open for public use for the big social weddings that they have in Kuwait. He built a hospital and a school. I haven't had to go to the hospital but we have used the gym at the school for kite repairs - they have 800 pupils there! He is grateful to the Americans coming to the aid of Kuwait and thus when America was in difficulty he returned the favour by making a significant personal contribution to the Katrina relief fund.

He leaves behind a legacy not only of facilities and generosity but also a legacy of people - the family who bear his name. They are pillars of the society that they live in, taking the his lead and building their own lives, families and businesses which are a reflection of his hard work, generosity and integrity.

Shaikhan Al-Farsi has made the world a better place and we will miss him. May he rest in peace. Our thoughts are with the family at this time.